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“With over 33 years of uniformed military leadership experience and over 27 years of law enforcement experience, I have the heart of a public servant and the heart of a warrior.


Now, as much as any time in our nation’s history, we need strong and honest leadership to boldly stand up and confidently defend our Constitution, individual rights, and traditional conservative values.


It is my primary commitment to honor God in my leadership responsibilities, while we recover our nation from the tyranny that has opposed a free people.  America must be restored."



These quotes from the Declaration of Independence, the Washington State Constitution, and the Constitution of the United States of America are what I believe to be the role of a Congressman.


“To secure the individual rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, Governments are instituted among Men.”


“…governments are established to protect and maintain individual rights.”


“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government.”

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The erosion of our Constitutional Rights through burdensome regulations, government intrusions and mandates MUST stop.  Our government’s job/role is to protect and maintain individual rights; honor and support the Constitution and secure the ability for every American citizen to pursue Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. 


We must return to an economy that restores the opportunity for every American, who is willing to work for it, the ability to achieve “The American Dream!”  We must create an environment where Free Enterprise, Free Market, virtuous Capitalism and hard work will allow every US citizen the opportunity to experience positive growth and prosperity!  Capitalism = Work > Save > Invest Capital saved > Grow & Prosper > Repeat.  No more eliminating 11,000 American jobs with the stroke of a pen!  No more threatening to fire vital US citizens from their jobs/their livelihoods just because they choose not to be vaccinated or wear a mask!


Social Security should be preserved.  Our seniors are a wealth of wisdom, knowledge and love that must be protected.


Major reasons for our increasing rate of inflation are the direct result of unrestrained government spending and the subsequent printing of our abused currency.  Congress must pursue a balanced budget.  Our growing budget deficit is crushing the value of our dollar and being passed on to our children and our children’s children to pay for our current gross overspending. 


The efforts to defund the police all over the country threatens the security and safety of every American.  Laws must be enforced, order must be maintained, and criminals must be held responsible and accountable for their actions.


America’s military presence and perception must be strong for many reasons.  Our military must remain and be perceived STRONG to discourage hostile enemies.  The very value of the American dollar is tied to our perceived military strength.  We must support and protect our allies and freedom loving people all around the world.  Our military must be adequately funded, and receive the best training in order to achieve peace through strength.  Our veterans must receive from their country the honor they deserve.  In America we need our service members to be prepared to be warriors not “woke.”


Americans are overtaxed and many are overserved.  For someone to receive a “free” government handout someone else must pay. President Ronald Reagan once said, “There’s nothing more expensive than a ‘free’ government program.”  “Government that governs best is the government that governs least!”  Limited government is a component, efficient government.  We must hold our elected officials/our government accountable.  Those elected officials who have an insatiable desire to over tax you and overspend your hard earned money must be voted out of office.


The possibility of a one world order threatens the sovereignty of America and every other nation.  We cannot allow foreign entities to control America growth or prosperity.  American prosperity requires an America First policy.  Foreign trade must be balanced.  A border wall is essential for stopping illegal immigration, illegal drug trade and human trafficking.  We must continue to support Israel, oppose tyrannical governments and promote democracy in the Middle East.


Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion MUST be protected.  Big Tech. and Mainstream Media must comply.  “The Right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.”  “The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself, or the state, SHALL NOT BE IMPAIRED…!”


Our farmers and other business owners want and deserve a level playing field.  We need and must provide foreign and domestic policies that encourage free market principles, to allow the hard work of farming and other businesses to pay off with prosperous dividends.  When the business prospers and thrives, so too will it’s employees!

Our food supply must flourish.  Inheritance taxes, regulations, exorbitant minimum wage, mandatory agriculture overtime pay, excessive rules and mandates are placing an incredibly heavy burden on our farmers and business owners and must be balanced to encourage the prosperity of our farmers/business owners and their employees.


I believe in the nuclear family consisting of one husband/father, one wife/mother and their children/family.  I believe in God, “One Nation Under God,” “In God we Trust,” and that God has truly Blessed America!


I am a Pro-Life leader.  I think the only exception to carrying a baby to full term would be to save the life of the mother.  I will always be an advocate for the unborn and fight for their God given opportunity to life! 


First of all, we must always have the ability to make our own health care decisions for ourselves, to include masks and vaccine mandates.  Your health information is for you, and you alone, to control.  Your health information does not belong to the government.

Our world class quality of care must be protected.  The cost of health care should be managed in a Free Enterprise/Free Market manner.  Health insurance opportunities should be allowed to be made available through the private market place which would allow people to, “only pay for what they want or need.”


I am so proud of the rich heritage and history of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation/the Manhattan Project!  My heart felt thank you to all those who made possible this extremely valuable legacy.  I support the Hanford cleanup, and the Vitrification Plant.  So to there is extremely valuable infrastructure in/on the Hanford Reservation that we need to preserve for future investments and diversification.


We must use wisely our natural resources.  Proper forest management would/will bring down lumber/construction costs and help to prevent catastrophic wild fires.  The “Green New Deal” and similar policies preserve natural resources at the expense of destroying the world’s economy.  We need to find and espouse solutions that preserve the environment while not sacrificing human prosperity.  There is a balance that can be found to meet the needs of both sides of the argument.  People, their families, their homes, their jobs are more important than “special interests.”


We must be energy independent if not the world’s energy leader as we were during the Trump administration.  We can not be dependent on foreign countries for our resources.

I support “America First,” renewable hydro-electric power, natural gas as a reliable base load energy source; safe, reliable baseload nuclear energy, and clean coal technology.  Wind and solar can be used to supplement our energy supply, but we should never depend on weather dependent energy sources for our base load needs.


I oppose Critical Race Theory, Comprehensive Sex education, mandatory vaccinations and mandatory masks in our schools. I support the teaching of reading, writing, arithmetic, science technology, math, civics and the actual/truthful history of our nation, our constitution and government operations in our schools.  I strongly support technical education training and classes in our schools like: carpentry, plumbing, firefighting, law enforcement, nursing, veterinary, cosmetology, dentistry, culinary arts, (to name a few), in our school programs!  I support sports, band, drama, art and many other similar program opportunities for students in our schools.

Great leaders of our nation such as Benjamin Franklin and Susan B. Anthony have been quoted as saying, “Resistance to Tyranny is Obedience to God!”  I emphatically agree!  

Brad Klippert

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