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I’m honored to endorse Brad Klippert in his campaign for United States Congress.  I’ve been privileged to interact with Brad in various forums as well as on a personal basis.  Brad is bold, compassionate and a man of real integrity; qualities that are sorely needed in our modern political landscape.  I’ve witnessed his interaction with other politicians and leaders and seen a wisdom in his influence that’s not just political in nature, he has a real concern for what’s right for Washington State and he fearlessly communicates it.  Brad has been a vocal proponent of our individual rights for the past two years and I have no doubt that he’ll continue to be a steadfast defender of the freedoms we cherish.  He also has a track record of responsibly representing the families and businesses of his district in Eastern Washington, a track record I’m sure he’ll continue in Congress.  When Brad speaks on freedom, family and faith the man believes what he says and acts on it.  He has my enthusiastic support.


Steve Whinery

Pastor, Calvary Chapel of Tri-Cities